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GRE Classes

IELTS Review offers intensive contact classes for GRE Preparation in Hyderabad | Secunderabad, India. The GRE Preparation classroom course is designed to give you the extra edge for getting a high score in the GRE Test. The GRE classroom program is an intensive 100-hour contact class module. The program includes Practice Tests that are scheduled at a time outside the class timings.


GRE Classroom Training – From Basics to Advanced

IELTS Review’s GRE prep courses start right from the basics and walk you through advanced topics in both Math and Verbal sections.

GRE MATH – The Quantitative Section

In Math (Quant), the GRE preparation class at IELTS Review covers topics in Arithmetic, Algebra and Geometry and Data Interpretation. As part of the GRE Prep course, regular topic wise tests will be administered at the end of each topic to help you master the concepts. The GRE classroom course at IELTS Review lays special emphasis on learning different math shortcut techniques that will save time while solving math problems.Over 12 chapters are covered in the theory classes. In each of the topics, basic concepts are taught that are followed by the trainer solving examples that are represent the type of questions that appear from these topics in the GRE test.

GRE ENGLISH – The Verbal Section

As a large proportion of the students who appear for the GRE test in India are from Engineering and Science background, they normally perceive the verbal section of the GRE Test to be tougher than the quantitative section. Our classroom program accommodates this perception and therefore, has more verbal classes to help you crack this section of the GRE test.As part of the GRE prep course at IELTS Review, the verbal section covers introduction to word origin and techniques on improving your word power and effective ways of retaining what you have learnt. Students enroling to the GRE Preparation courses will have alphabet wise tests administered to help them master their vocabulary.Adequate number of reading comprehension tests will be administered and analysed in the classes. The variety of questions that you will encounter in these comprehension tests will help you crack the reading comprehension questions in the verbal section.


GRE Practice Tests – GRE CBTs

IELTS Review’s GRE preparation includes Mock GRE CBTs (Computer Based Tests). Some of your practice GRE tests will be analyzed by one of our faculty member and feedback will be provided to help you improve your scores. The CBTs are scheduled on a working day either during the currency of the course or at a later date depending on your GRE Test Schedule.

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